For generations, our family has been devoted to wine in Olivares del Duero, Valladolid. Viña Valdemazon was born in 2006, when we decided to create our own winery. Our wine  is elaborated with care and keeps the essence of the wine region where it comes from in every single bottle.

We are two brothers: Ernesto and  Eduardo in this generation. We venture in the initiative of growing a different Ribera wine in the land of our family. This is our passion.

We built the winery in old houses and warehouses made of stone, adobe and bricks that were used for centuries as stock houses by past generations. We have updated them to create modern installations, with up-to-date technology in order to fully control the temperature of fermentation and the storage of the wine, without forgetting the old traditions. 

Every year, we pick the wine by hand in our family land. We place them in 20 kg boxes and we carefully select the grapes that we accept in our winery.

We only used 5000-litre deposits that are designed for best control of temperature during fermentation and extraction of polyphenol and tannin.

The barrels made of French oak from Allier fits perfectly our wine. It mixes the  typical essence of the tempranillo grape and the elegant taste of wood. A wine coming from the heart of Ribera del Duero.

Viña Valdemazon is a wine described as smart, modern and original with a fantastic red cherry colour. Its taste is balance with black fruits, liquorice, spices and a touch of vanilla. Viña Valdemazon has a long silky after-taste.

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